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Welcome to our weekly "Motu" experience, a traditional Solomon Island method of cooking that is truly unique and delicious. Our Motu is made right here in Honiara using the same time-honored techniques passed down through generations.

To create our Motu, we start by heating stones in a fire. Using paddles and large wooden tongs, we arrange the stones in a circle and add peeled root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, cassava, or taro, the local favorite. Banana leaves are then layered over the hot stones in alternating directions to seal the Motu oven. The potatoes are covered with a layer of hot stones forming an oven. The leaves preserve the heat and also add moisture to the process, resulting in potatoes that are both steamed and roasted. After several hours, the stones have cooled, the process is reversed and the roasted potatoes can be removed. The final results are delicious -- soft and moist on the inside and delightfully smoky and crisp on the outside.

In addition to potatoes, we also use the same method to cook fish wrapped in banana leaves and the local "puddings," a polenta-like dish made by grinding potatoes with coconut milk and steaming them among the Motu.

Our Motu changes weekly, featuring different root vegetables and other ingredients to provide a unique and delicious experience every time. While the cooking process may seem simple, it actually requires a lot of work, from digging up the potatoes to gathering banana leaves and building the fire.

So, come and experience the unique flavors and cultural heritage of our weekly Motu, loved by locals and hungry visitors!

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